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Rector 9. Start a book club. “Download the same book and read a little of it every day. Discuss at night. Good ideas are.

9 Songs (2004) - Official TrailerLibrary turns to digital programming – Jokes and riddles, trivia, tours and maybe a movie suggestion or games to play outside New posts will be made on the library’s social media every two hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You may find some great songs to jam out to! 2. Start a new tv show – Make the most of platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Sky, Apple TV Plus and the new Disney Plus. 3. Watch a movie you haven’t.

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Then head on over to Instagram for a live chat about the movie. Speaking to the Irish Times.

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Now that you are at homes in front of smart TVs, are you making the most of the appliance? Here are some basic tips to make.

Like Netflix, the HBO Now app is free, but a subscription to the service costs $15/£9.50 a month. (Currently unavailable in.